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Virtual Counselling Sessions- Free Trials

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Ishkama Ltd


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Ishkama Ltd
32 Colwyn Crescent, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 4AW, U.K.
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Ishkama offers you the opportunity to meet with trained and experienced counsellors via ZOOM Meeting  or over phone calls so that you can explore aspects of your life that might cause concern. We provide free virtual trials then sessions start from $5.00

Unlike a family member or friend, the counsellor does not judge or advise but allows you to work through your feelings by talking about them. This helps put problems in perspective in order to understand them better and learn to solve them or cope with them.

We understand that stress can come from numerous sources - work, finance, lifestyle, health and many more. Circumstances do not create stress. It is our response to them that creates stress and gives rise to feelings of despair and restlessness. What we need is the ability to cope with these circumstances, to take them in our stride and learn to manage them. Consultants help you identify and manage stress. It could be time management, learning the ability to delegate or simply learning to come to terms with things you cannot change.

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