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SHE Soul Healing Experience

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SHE Consultation & Counseling
Wixom MI
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Soul Healing Experience A Product…A Program The SHE experience carries the healing ancient numbers of 639 {free from guilt and fear}.

It is 9 weeks with the 3-sequential: morning: listening to Your Melodic Mantra; evening journaling 5 items of gratitude and the other elements of the experience. 6-parts:

1. (Chakra Healing Technique - 1 time per week) - Guided & Visual Imagery Meditations for each of the 7 Major Chakras.

2. Birth the Bean; nurturing the bean which represents an idea

3. Daily evening journaling

4. 1 time per week counseling session (Zoom or another convenient platform) 30- to 45-minute dialogue.

5. Your Intimate MP4 Melodic Melody. This MP4 is created in the sound of your key with a recording inserted with you speaking a mantra to yourself. and

6. Vibration Equation - Recovering Life Lesson(s).  This is a numerical equation of Your Tantric & Name Vibe personalized chart.

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